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Cannot use PIC N/G variable. NLS_NCHAR not set or set incorrectly.
Cause: To use PIC N or PIC G variables as host variables, both of the environment variables NLS_LANG and NLS_NCHAR must be set with correct values. One of the following problems has occurred which prevents Pro*COBOL from accepting PIC N and PIC G variables as host variables: 1) One or both of NLS_LANG and NLS_NCHAR are not set at all. 2) NLS_LANG is not set with a valid language, territory, or character set. 3) NLS_NCHAR is not set to a valid NCHAR character set. 4) The character set specified by NLS_NCHAR is not a fixed width character set. Pro*COBOL can only use fixed width character sets for PIC N or PIC G host variables.
Action: Set the NLS_NCHAR environment variable to a valid fixed width character set name. Set NLS_LANG with a valid language, territory, and character set.